The Illustrious History of Sloan Pump Company

Sloan Pump Company can be traced back to 1958 when Albert H. Sloan came to Ft. Lauderdale to work on the challenging engineering and construction of the Henry Kinney Tunnel under the New River, a project that made possible the explosive development of downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Sloan, long-known in the industry as "Bert," was a professional diver and marine contractor on that tunnel project. His profession brought him into hands-on, day-to-day contact with the dewatering of construction sites and a multitude of dredging projects that are so common in the Southeast.

He recognized the need for powerful, submersible pumps and wellpoint pumping systems. And because none existed that could do the dewatering in the cost-efficient manner he knew was possible, Bert Sloan began experimenting with various innovative approaches to pump design.

He spent years of tedious research and development. Sloan's fertile mind and relentless dedication to creating a new generation of pumps resulted in designs that were granted more than 26 U.S. patents!

He not only designed the new submersible hydraulic pumps, he literally built his prototypes by hand. Being an accomplished diver, he tested his new pumps under the most severe conditions.

When contractors saw the amazing performance of these new Sloan-developed pumps, they wanted them. And Sloan Pump Company was formed to manufacture them.

Today, Sloan Pumps can be found throughout the world, performing efficiently and effectively as no other pumps do.

It is this heritage of achievement that drives Sloan Pump Company today. Research and development continues to add the latest technology to Sloan products, producing hydraulic submersible pumps, wellpoint systems and jet pumps that have optimum performance characteristics demanded by contractors seeking maximum cost and production efficiencies.